Monday, 14 January 2013

Costa anonymous

My names Glyndwr, I'm a costaholic! I have been everyday for the past two weeks! The Costa card is a godsend. Had two free coffees for all my hard spending recently!
Well thats enough of that! I managed to get out for a whole hour this afternoon to try and get a photo of a bird that I haven't yet recorded! I managed to grab a rather blurry photo of a fieldfare, whichI was rather pleased about. He didn't stay for long, so that was that! It was a lovely sunny day, but extremely soft underfoot! So muddy trainers and to make things even worse, a black headed gull shit on me, great! So I left for home to get a nice twinings inside.
Earlier in the day, I had signed for a parcel for my next door neighbour. When I came back from picking my girlfriend up from work (heidi-likes) I decided to take the parcel round. So I gave her the package and she asked 'do I have to sign for it?' haha cue the most awkward silence ever, then after I told her I was her next door neighbour, she was hysterical with awkward laughter! Even better when I tell you that we have lived next door to them for 5 months!
Then it was time for a bit of fooling around with the guinea pig, see picture below!

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