Sunday, 20 January 2013

From Winter Wonderland.....

To a dirty, disgusting mess! It was always going to happen, this is the UK after all, but I didn't expect it to be within a mere 24 hours of the first flake falling!
Well this week hasn't been much to write home about, work up until Friday, then in again yesterday and today. When the first snow flake fell on Friday, I didn't think it would turn into the snow fall that followed. I had to go pick up my girlfriend so I had an opportunity to go have a little drive in the snow in my scenic!hardly a car for the snow, but it coped really well compared to quite a lot of people! Although I don't think many people had managed to grasp the idea of engine braking and assuming their brakes would stop them, oops!
Work has been pretty boring the past two days. Unable to get out, we have had to spend 8 hours in the office with nothing to do! Cabin fever has already set in.
On a lighter note, Friday afternoon I put my guinea pig in the snow! First thing he ended up doing was eating the snow! Greedy little sod. Then it was straight back in to put him under the hair dryer!
Day off Wednesday. Will try and book Thursday off, which will give me Wednesday-Tuesday off. Payday tomorrow, so expect a quick post tomorrow to say I have my rod licence and will be heading out Wednesday to wet a line!

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  1. damn, the snow is thick! man poor little hamster.
    Well, hope you had a great hang out with friends after long day of work! ;D